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Paper product box development path


[Chinese Packaging Network News] Now there are many product packaging are used in the form of carton packaging, such packaging design also has many advantages. For example, the most direct advantage of carton packaging for product packaging design is that it is lighter and easier to carry. Let's look at the development path of the paper product box.

Promotional carton packaging design is the "short board" of Chinese carton enterprises

With the warming of the weather, beer has slowly entered the peak season of sales. In the fierce market competition, bundled promotional packaging plays a good role in enhancing brand image and increasing sales volume. In {HotHot} promotional packaging, high-end consumer goods are generally Use waterproof imported cow cardboard for production.

The design of new promotional carton structure emerges in an endless stream. The emphasis is on improving the functionality, such as adding handles, opening windows, improving display effects, developing special-shaped boxes or local shaped boxes. The novelty carton itself is a new weapon for promotional products.

In the area of promotional cartons, economic globalization and global marketing of products have created a new market for finely processed and printed high-end cartons. Europe, Asia, Japan and North America have excellent folding carton processing industries, and they have reached a very high level in terms of production machinery, and they are almost the same.

In China, the corresponding supporting packaging machinery is still at a low level. Users basically use manual packaging.

Adhere to and develop the road of "science, technology, creativity and environmental protection"

Paper product packaging design must adhere to and develop the road of "science, technology, creativity and environmental protection". Strong innovation, continuous tracking and analysis of changes in the use of paper packaging, circulation, storage and other related aspects of the change, the development of new packaging structure, to meet user access convenience, ease of handling, loading and unloading, reflecting the principle of service for people. This will not only reduce the overall cost of packaging, but also increase the affinity of the packaging and help improve the image of the product.

At the same time, for sales packaging, printed patterns should be combined with the characteristics and positioning of the product, use special elements and symbols, have unique creativity, and have outstanding visual impact and attractiveness when displayed with other similar products. In the end, we must adhere to and develop green environmental protection packaging. This has been widely recognized and valued by society. It can not only create good economic benefits for enterprises, but also create good social benefits.

The important recommendations for paper packaging for the design of product packaging are so much mentioned above. In the field of carton packaging, the corresponding supporting facilities in the country may not have reached the level of foreign countries. Some users have been using manual packaging, but these will certainly improve in the near future.

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